Image Shot by Bismah Mughal


Inspired by youth, beauty, rich cultures and candid moments, my name is Aleia Robinson-Ada, a recent graduate from the Ryerson University School of Image Arts; Photography Studies.  **hold for applause**


As a kid, I had always been obsessed with being in front of the camera, smiling, dancing, rock climbing (yeah, I was an adventurous kid) doing whatever I could to catch the camera lens. It wasn’t until high school when I fell in love with image making and being the one capturing those moments from behind the camera. Photography fell into my life in 2012 and that was when I found a more meaningful way to be a part of an image without actually being a part of the image. To me, photography has always been a way to tell intimate, adventurous, bold and historic stories. 


 I am an artist, a traveller, journalist, story teller, adventurist, believer, life long learner, dream chaser and soul sister.  I value culture and history deeply and believe this medium has given me an opportunity to be able to experience my interests and express my thoughts all in one. I have established myself as an artist through exhibiting my work in various galleries such as Gallery 310 at Ryerson University and Lost in Translation Showcase both in 2016, The ARCHV RMX Showcase curated by This is Worldtown in 2018, online publications such as TajiMagazine and The Ryersonian as well as  being the recipient of the Photography and Digital Communications Award at Ryerson University in 2016. I have also had the opportunity to take my photographic skills abroad to Montreal, Ottawa, New York, Dominica, Barbados, Trinidad & Tobago, France, Italy and Egypt.


I mainly focus my skills on, but not limited to, portrait, documentary/photojournalism and my personal favourite, travel photography. I’m the girl who always has an idea in her head, and a camera in her hand. I create visual stories and I love what I do! 


I’m always open to collaboration and business inquiries! Don’t be shy, send me an email and we can chat!

- Aleia