Young Migrants, 2018


Young Migrants seeks to demystify the idea of a single migrant. The amount of people in the immigrant community, adding the multicultural Canadian mosaic, is exceedingly overwhelming and impacts a great deal of people in our population. Our project investigates how (in)direct immigration in Canada affects our society. Canada is a country built on/created out of immigration; we pride ourselves on being a melting pot of culturally diverse people but do we actually know the stories of these people? Not every immigration story begins in an underdeveloped country, they are nuanced and more colourful as each individual shares their experience.


The photography series captures subjects from first and second generation communities in environmental portraits showcasing the overwhelming amount of people affected by immigration. An auditory accompaniment will follow in the final exhibition providing an in depth listen into each story, providing greater examples of how migration stories can juxtapose and compliment each other.

With each participant, we plan to shoot environmental portraits in a location that they feel describes a piece of their history or their families' when coming to Canada the first time. This location would be of sentimental value or bring up a detailed memory of this migration story. For example, a first apartment, job location, park swing set, school, family home, etc. that strikes you as significant upon arriving to this new country. 


Our vision is to rupture what is generally understood as an immigrant by developing the conversation where multiplicity and nuance is noticed in every experience and community.


On behalf of Sisterhood Media and Aleia Robinson Photography, we would like to thank all our participants over the past 9 months for being an important piece of the Young Migrants Project. Your support and willingness to be a part of the project that is so near and dear to our hearts has been extraordinary. Samah and I are so grateful to have met incredible individuals like you. Your stories are one of a kind and we are so proud to have been the ones you chose to share them with.

Chase Your Dreams, They’re Worth It.



All images shot with Canon T5i (18-135mm & 50mm lens)